Love God. Love People. Do Something.

In August of 2015, Pastor Jason began a mini-series with the intent of sharing how the Lord had called him to refocus on what really matters.  What was planned as a three week set of teachings grew into so much more.  God spoke to our church over the course of five weeks of teaching and led us to change our mission and purpose as a church.  The call was simple: Return to the foundations of our faith.  Focus on what really matters!  Love God. Love People. Do Something. 

(Please take the time to listen to these foundational messages in their entirety below.)

Love God.

Jason Huddleston - 08-02-2015

Love People.

Jason Huddleston - 08-09-2015

Do Something.

Jason Huddleston - 08-23-2015

Our Mission Pt. 1: How we will love God.

Jason Huddleston - 08-30-2015

Our Mission Pt. 2: How we will love people, and do something.

Jason Huddleston - 09-06-2015