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How can I pray more effectively? (Pt. 5)


How can I pray more effectively? (Pt. 4)


How can I pray more effectively? (Pt. 3)


How can I pray more effectively? (Pt. 2)


How can I pray more effectively? (Pt. 1)


Can we pray to anyone other than God the Father?


Why does it mean to pray in Jesus name?


Why does prayer work?


Does prayer work?


Why pray?


What is the gospel? (Pt. 4)


What is the gospel? (Pt. 3)


What is the gospel? (Pt. 2)


What is the gospel?


Are you a fan or a follower? (Easter Message)


Do you have the gift of: Service, Mercy, Giving, Hospitality?


Do you have the gift of: Shepherding, Faith, Evangelism, Apostleship?


Do you have the gift of: Wisdom, Prophecy, Discernment, Exhortation?


Do you have the gift of: Leadership, Administration, Teaching, Knowledge?


Questions about Spiritual Gifts


How do I grow spiritually? What are spiritual disciplines?


Where should I start?


What is your role in the discipleship process at FBC?


What is our strategy for facilitating spiritual maturity?


How can we be useful building materials for God?


How does the church do everything it is called to do?


What is the church supposed to do? (What is the purpose of the church?)


What makes a church a church? (What are the marks of a true church?)


What is the church?


Was Jesus born on December 25th?


What is God like? (Pt. 5)

God is perfect. God is blessed. God is beautiful. God is a unity. 

What is God like? (Pt. 4)

God is jealous. God is wrathful toward sin. God is omnipotent.

What is God like? (Pt. 3)

God is truthful. God is good. God is love. God is holy. God is righteous & just.

What is God like? (Pt. 2)

God is omnipresent. God is Spirit. God is invisible. God is omniscient. God is wise.

What is God like? (Pt. 1)

God exists. God is knowable. God is independent. God is unchangeable. God is eternal.

Questions about the Bible

What is the Bible? Is it reliable? Is it true?