The Sermon on the Mount

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Two types of people: Two Foundations


Two types of people: Two Confessions


Two types of people: Two Trees


Two types of people: Two Paths


Real help: Ask, seek, knock


Real discretion: Dogs and hogs


Real discretion: The speck and the plank


Real discretion: Do not judge


Real treasure: Two kinds of people (Seek first)


Real treasure: Why worry?


Real treasure: 2 masters


Real treasure: 2 perspectives


Real treasure: 2 kinds of treasure


Real fasting


Real prayer (pt. 2)


Real prayer (pt. 1)


Real giving


It's not about retaliation, it's about love


It's not about oaths, it's about lying


It's not about divorce, it's about adultery


It's not about adultery, it's about lust


It's not about murder, it's about anger


Christ is Christianity: Jesus fulfills the law


Salt & Light


Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness


Blessed are the peacemakers


Blessed are the pure in heart


Blessed are the merciful


Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness


Blessed are the meek


Blessed are those who mourn


Blessed are the poor in spirit


Proof #3: The New Covenant


Proof #2: A New Creation


Proof #1: The New Exodus


Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount