I'm new, what should i expect?

We know attending a new church for the first time can be a little scary.  What should I expect?  How should I dress?  Will the people be friendly?  At FBC Elgin you can expect authentic and friendly people, great worship, a loving family environment, and passionate biblical preaching.  You will be warmly welcomed, encouraged, and hopefully leave challenged to live for Christ.

Below you'll find our best attempt to answer any questions you may have before your visit.

what to expect

Come as you are. We're casual.
Going to church can make some folks anxious. What should I wear? What is their music like? Will we like the preacher?

Some people like to wear their “Sunday best.” Others are more casual. You are welcome in whatever you feel is appropriate for church. Wear something you'll be comfortable in while singing praises and learning the Bible – and meeting the God who loves you.

What's our music like?
The churchy word is “blended.” Any song written in praise of God and telling the story of Jesus is a hymn. Some of the hymns we sing were written a long time ago. Others were written last month. Some have been collected into a book (hymnal) and others haven't made it there yet.

Our emphasis is on songs whose lyrics are doctrinally sound, support scripture, have depth and something to say with real meaning. 

We have a praise team of piano, acoustic guitars, drums, and bass.  The style is somewhat Americana, pop-rock. There is energy, there is joyful praise, and there are worshipful melodies and dynamics giving opportunity for reflection.

How about the preacher?
Pastor Jason studies the Bible diligently. There's no watered-down, sugar-coated message here - just truth. The God who loves us and gave us His Word wants it taught accurately and Pastor Jason pursues that. He provides observations and analysis of scripture and practical applications to walk away with. In other words: you'll learn not only what the Bible says but how to apply it to your daily life. It's that simple.

What time should I come?
We have in-person services at 9:45 AM & 11:15 AM. Pick the time that's best for you! You can also join us via our livestream, Facebook and Youtube platforms. 

What about my kids?
Bring the whole family! We offer kid packs during both services with fun activities like sermon bingo! Please know your kids are NOT a distraction. They are a gift!

If it's easier for *you* to pay attention to the message, then make use of the children's programs (when available). Don't worry about what other people around you think about mild wiggles. 

One more thing:
Our pastoral staff, deacons, and members stand ready to help you any way we can, love you into our body of believers, and walk alongside you as we all grow in Christ. We can't wait to meet you!