small groups

What is a small group and why do you have them?

When we DO LIFE together, in a small group of friends who help us along the way, we become part of a community of others seeking the same goal: to know God more, learn His will for our lives, and ways to make Him known.

Sunday school is a traditional form of small group that focuses on Biblical and Christian education.  Our Sunday school small groups meet Sunday mornings at 10 AM.  To try one out, just show up on any given Sunday morning and we'll point you in the right direction.

Many people find great connections and form life-long friendships in Sunday school.  Others desire an additional group to be a part of, or an alternative to that time and traditional format.

We also offer small groups which meet primarily on Sunday evenings in a relaxed setting in homes throughout the Elgin area.

The goal is to grow deeper together, share personal stories, look closely at scripture, and work through difficulties while celebrating triumphs of life.  Small groups are a place where Biblical truth is learned together - and where that truth comes alive.

For more information, contact us at: or 512-285-4161.