crossing over - faith for the future

These are exciting times for First Baptist Church, Elgin! Few people find themselves in the position that we are now in - with the opportunity to set up a whole new generation of believers for long term spiritual growth. Crossing Over is the culmination of several years of God's gentle leading and guidance. 

For some time our church has been impressed by the Holy Spirit that we need to continue to grow and reach out to the increasing population of Elgin. We've had great visions of thriving children's ministries, afterschool care, tutoring, a campus full with youth that are passionate for Jesus and actually want to come to church. We've longed for a place that people of all ages and backgrounds can gather and spend time together, loving one another deeply, encouraging one another in their walk with Christ. 

As God has slowly revealed these things to us, He has also revealed some limitations with our current facilities. His first revelation to us was the fact that our current campus is completely land-locked with no room for future growth.The way our current sanctuary is constructed makes it nearly impossible to expand. Our floor plan is simply not designed for people to naturally congregate and spend time with one another. 

These pressing issues have weighed heavy on our hearts as God has begun to lay out a vision of the type of church He wants us to be - A church that is focused on loving Him, loving others, and doing something!